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Customized Pure Speaker Cable Series

Music lovers looking for open and dynamic sounding cables, without an unlimited budget, are invited to take any speaker cable with Cable Technology Corp. With its 14 awg multi-strand OFHC copper conductors and PE dielectric, we sure to satisfy all of the serious music lovers that have revered the natural sound of pure quality cables for 30 years. Our low price, flexibility and attractive appearance also make it perfect for home theater use.

We proudly manufacture in assembled units and also bulk cable in rolls.

Customized Pure Interconnect Series

The base of pure sound is relying upon using the best quality of materials in a way to enhance and maintain the best performance. The success of any top notch AV cables for many decades is common, the perfect understanding of how a perfect cable is constituted with performance and no compromises.

We proudly manufacture many audio and video cables for the most demanding markets and consumers in both assembled units and also bulk cable in rolls.


Composite Video Cable

Composite Audio Cable

Composite Audio and Video Cable

Component Video Cable

Component Audio and Video Cable

3.5 Stereo to RCA Audio Y- Cable

3.5 Stereo Cable M/M

3.5 Stereo Cable M/M For iPhone

3.5 Stereo Extension Cable M/F

S-Video Cable

S-Video Cable

MD4 Male - BNC Female x 2

MD4 Male - RCA Male x 2

Composite Audio and Video Cable

SCART Male - MD4 Male

SCART Male - RCA Male

SCART Male-MD4 Male / 3.5MST/RCA Male