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Hard drives are the primary bottlenecks in today's high-speed computers, and this is partially due to the limitations of PATA. Since Serial ATA is a completely new and faster standard, there will be an industry wide move over to new hard drives,controllers, and connectors-essentially everything will move to Serial ATA.
150 Mbyte/s maximum transfer rate ( 300 / 600 MByte/s envisioned for the future ) between two SATA I (150Mb) devices, capable up to 4.5 Gbyte/s Hot-plug capability ; Two power saving modes : partial and slumber Overlapping (commands) ; Tagged command queueing Smaller, longer and more flexible cable and Smaller connector.

  • Maxium Transfer Speed : 150 MB/S (Up to 4.5 Gbs)
  • Maximum Length : 1 Meter
  • SATA I & II Specification Compliant
  • Note : The Maximum Transfer Rate is 4.5 Gbs for The Cable

eSATA External Cable with Metal Shield

SATA Internal Cable

SATA Internal Cable 90 Degree

SATA Cable with UV Sensitive Material

SATA Cable with Powered Glowing EL

SATA 15Pin - 4Pin Housing Power

SATA 15Pin x2 - 4Pin Housing Power

SATA 15Pin(90°)x2 - 4Pin Housing Power